CHARITABLE TRUST – NAIROBI (KENYA) The Kamani Foundation, a Charitable Trust created and established by Shree C. V. Kamani, Chairman of the Zuri Group and patriarch of the Kamani Family, currently organizes medical camps for providing prosthetic limbs and correctional eye facilities to the needy since 1999. The object of the Trust is to fulfill social responsibilities and render charitable activities without the distinction of geography, caste, creed, gender or religion. The Foundation believes in serving the community with aid across society. It makes multiple efforts to provide aid and support to medical organisations in the form of camps, donations and specialised treatment.

In line with its objectives of serving local communities and facilitating timely aid, the foundation had set up an artificial limb and correctional eye centre in Rajkot, Gujarat. In a short span of time the centre gained a distinct popularity across the Kutch and Saurashtra regions, indicating the need for such initiatives within our society.

To continue the effort and reach out to more areas, the Kamani Foundation under the aegis of the Chairman and Managing Trustees, Shree Rashmi Kamani and Shree Deepak Kamani, have proposed a new initiative aimed at providing prosthetic limbs and correctional eye facilities to the people of Kenya through an innovative PROSTHETIC LIMB CENTRE & CORRECTIONAL EYE FACILITY ON MOBILE VANS. The mobile services will help provide the facility from one place to another and reach out to more people in need, who are otherwise deprived of such facilities.

The mobile vans are designed and fabricated in such a manner that all the facilities for artificial limbs, calipers and crutches as well as correctional eye facilities will be available in the vehicles itself , facilitating distribution over a wider area and hence reach out to the rural and urban areas, within our the country.

Kamani Foundation

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