Primarosa flowers, the floriculture division of Zuri Group Global is a leading provider of cut flowers. We are a leading producer and exporter of premium quality roses across the globe. The company has a wide range of intermediate, T-hybrid and Spray roses. Due to diversity in the range of our products, the company is able to supply its produce to high profile supermarkets, florist chains, wholesalers and traders. The Company focusses strongly on the post-harvest systems and appropriate maintenance of the cold chain, allowing it to produce quality product with good vase life. Primarosa is a distinguished brand in the supermarkets, Yakira brand is recognised for premium flower segment and Zuri brand from the highlands was well-known at the Flora holland auctions for years.

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At Prima Rosa we believe in providing our customers with a commitment of flawless and impeccable services. We feel blessed for all the gifts from mother-nature and to have our employees’ support in the form of their hard work and obedience. Prima Rosa Limited runs a number of programs to ensure that we are known for our best attempts in advancing an amazing environment at work place.